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November 10 2015


What Is Neurofeedback?

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What Is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback (Bio-Feedback or Brain Training) is surely an EEG/computer system that literally retrains the mind to function much better.

Neurofeedback peak performance
Should you, a loved one, or someone under your care is suffering as their brain is not working properly, or because they're in pain, or overwhelmed with emotional issues, you might be surprised or even impressed by the benefits of Neurofeedback!

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Neurofeedback is a innovative technology and offers wish for many devastating brain disorders for example: brain injury, pain management, learning disabilities, mental disorders, abusing drugs and other central nervous system disorders.

Neurofeedback can benefit in the following areas: Cognitive Functioning-memory, attention, concentration, learning, creativity, reading, organizing and sequencing, Motivation-initiating and completing activities; Motor Skills-coordination, balance grace and recovery from paralysis; Mood Improvement - anxiety, depression, irritability and explosiveness; Sleep Regulation-improved nighttime sleep and increased daytime alertness; Brain Spiking-reduction in seizures and tic symptoms; Pain Management-reduction in migraines, fibromyalgia symptoms, restless leg syndrome and other body pains; last but not least an overall increase in energy, stamina and peak performance.

Neurofeedback is kind of like properly retiming an interior combustion engine whose cylinders aren't firing at the correct time. When this occurs the engine looses power and may even be damaged since the cylinders are not employed in harmony to turn the crankshaft and will actually work against the other person. Similarly, when cognitive abilities are not firing properly and brain systems are not in harmony, the brain looses power and develops inefficient and damaging patterns. These faulty patterns may be locked in (suppressed) and become permanent, unless the mind is retrained to release these blockages and adopt new patterns so that it can function at maximum power and efficiency.

Neurofeedback can be a brainwave system certified by the FDA that provides non-invasive feedback to the brain. This is achieved by using a computer program that reads records and analyzes brain waves (patterns) via small sensors placed on the scalp.

The entire goals of Neurofeedback will be to significantly improve the functionality of the entire Central Nervous System, reduce and sometimes eliminate crippling symptoms of CNS disorders, and increase the flexibleness, clarity, focus and efficiency of the brain. It accomplishes all of this by using various scientific protocols to coach the brain to discard its unhealthy patterns that can and do cause many devastating disorders. Neurofeedback then retrains your brain to adopt new, healthier patterns that permit the brain to function greater, and the person being more of who they really are.

It's been traditionally thought that the brain were fully molded and altered little after reaching adulthood. However, recent neuroscience studies indicate that the human brain is in a "plastic" state and may change with experience and training for example neurofeedback. Specifically, the brain is capable of rerouting through its trillions of connections so that you can learn new information and also to bypass damaged or suppressed areas. Furthermore, studies indicate that it can (in a few parts of the brain) even grow new cognitive abilities and their connecting trunks called axons. Retraining and challenging your brain in most cases improves brain abnormalities including over- arousal, under-arousal, and instability. The actual cause of the above abnormalities may be the brains inability to control and regulate itself.

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